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Vinyl & Wood Windows in Connecticut & New England

Vinyl Windows in all over Connecticut & The New England Areas Wood Windows in all over Connecticut & The New England Areas

Choosing between a vinyl and wood window can be tough because each type has its own set of benefits. Vinyl windows are good insulators and are generally multi-glazed, but a wood window is best for reducing noise and adding value to your property. If you can’t decide which type of window suits your building best, contact For-U-Builders. We offer several vinyl and wood windows from different brands for you to choose from. We can help you find which window suits your property’s appearance and fits your budget.

When you need our help in WallingfordWindsor, East Lyme, Middletown, or Glastonbury, give us a call at 203-349-6468 or click here to make a reservation for services at your property within our service area. We also serve customers in Portland, Uncasville, South Windsor, Old Lyme, and South Glastonbury.

Vinyl and Wood Window Brands We Offer

Thermal Windows & Doors Vinyl Windows

Thermal Windows & Doors Vinyl Windows

Thermal Windows & Doors has been crafting excellent window and door systems for over 50 years. The company also boasts an extensive line of high-quality ENERGY STAR® approved vinyl replacement and patio doors to help reduce a household’s energy consumption. Thermal Windows & Doors may not have wood windows, but the company’s vinyl replacement windows are created to last.

Thermal Door & Window Vinyl Window Features

  • Available for vinyl replacement windows
  • Solid multi-chambered construction
  • Vinyl won’t chip, peel or rot during its lifetime

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Pella® Vinyl and Wood Windows

Pella Windows in all over Connecticut & The New England Areas

Pella® has been crafting excellent and high-quality windows since 1925. The company focuses on giving homeowners beautiful and energy efficient windows that are easy to maintain and are designed to last. Pella® has vinyl and wood windows, which are both available in our store.


Pella® Vinyl Windows

Pella® 350 Series

  • Distinct vinyl windows with superior performance
  • Stronger and more durable than most vinyl windows
  • Provides 54%-83% more energy efficiency

Pella® 250 Series

  • Features exceptional vinyl performance and style
  • Comes with triple-pane glass, which delivers 54%-77% more energy efficiency
  • Higher quality appearance than ordinary vinyl

Encompass by Pella®

  • Easy-care vinyl and competitively priced
  • The styles and options are made to fit any budget
  • Delivers exceptional energy efficiency

Pella® Wood Windows

Architect Series®

  • Comes in either traditional or contemporary designs
  • Has unique shapes and patterns
  • Designed to complement your property’s appearance

Designer Series® 750

  • Protects your indoor environment from dust and damage
  • Has 53%-74% more energy efficiency
  • Available with Pella® Insynctive® technology

Pella® 450 Series

  • Pella’s most popular window type
  • Boasts top-notch Pella wood craftsmanship
  • Provides exceptional energy efficiency

Super Glass 9000 Vinyl Windows

Super Glass 9000’s windows have been known for their beautiful craftsmanship, durability and energy insulation capabilities. Throughout the company’s development, it has adopted the latest window manufacturing techniques like suspended film technology and computer controlled glass assembly. Super Glass 9000’s vinyl windows are long lasting and don’t need to be replaced.

Super Glass 9000 Vinyl Window Features

  • Super Glass 9000’s vinyl doesn’t rot and doesn’t require repainting
  • Doesn’t pit or flake
  • Delivers high efficiency ratings
  • Continues to look brand new with occasional washing

Atrium® Windows and Doors Vinyl and Wood Windows

Atrium window

Artrium’s windows and doors are purposely made to satisfy the needs of the American home. Their products not only look great in any property style, but they are also durable and valued at the right price. Their vinyl and wood windows, for example, have a simple appearance and feature heavy-duty qualities. They also deliver outstanding benefits like:

  • Providing excellent insulation and energy efficiency
  • Durable vinyl that doesn’t chip or break easily
  • Available in all window types

Harvey Building Products Vinyl and Wood Windows

Harvey Building Products has been creating high-quality windows since 1961 with the American household in mind. Their products can withstand all types of elements, from the freezing northern winters to the hottest summer months. Harvey’s windows have exceeded the expectations of contractors and architects alike. Plus, with the strength and beauty provided by both of the company’s vinyl and wood windows, it’s certain that their products will last a lifetime.

Harvey Building Products Vinyl Window Features

  • Delivers unmatched durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Superior quality and vinyl window performance
  • Energy efficient

Harvey Building Products Wood Window Features

  • Combines the warmth and beauty of natural materials with modern glass technology
  • Excellent insulator
  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient

Alside® Vinyl Windows

Alside® Vinyl Windows

Since its founding in 1947, Alside® has given residential and commercial remodeling and new construction markets reliable and durable vinyl windows. The company’s expertise lies in vinyl sidings and accessories, vinyl windows and patio doors and fencing and railing products. Alside® is a recognized leader in the home improvement industry, and is a charter member of associations like the Vinyl Siding Institute and the National Association of Home Builders. When you choose Alside’s vinyl replacement windows, you know that you’re purchasing high-quality products.

Alside® Vinyl Replacement Windows

Sheffield® Fusion-Welded Vinyl Window

  • Exudes maximum beauty, strength and energy savings
  • Innovatively engineered components for superior energy savings
  • Built for trouble-free operation

UltraMaxx® Fusion-Welded Vinyl Window

  • Gorgeous designs and styles, but delivers strength and energy savings
  • Its innovatively engineered components provide the basis for superior energy savings
  • Created for superior appearance and ease of operation

Mezzo® Energy-Efficient Vinyl Window

  • Meets the ENERGY STAR® requirements
  • Provides maximized daylight visibility due to the narrowline frame and sash
  • Sash-to-sill interlock design for maximum performance and beauty
  • Minimizes energy transfer and provides strength thanks to their composite meeting rail reinforcement

Fusion™ Quality Vinyl Window

  • Provides continuous energy efficiency and thermal protection
  • Boasts quality craftsmanship while maintaining their attractive appearance inside and out
  • Minimal upkeep required
  • Premium vinyl and sashes won’t rot, split, corrode or pit

Model 0700 Single-Hung Vinyl Window

  • Best suited for residential and light commercial applications
  • Sleek lines make the beveled mainframe of the windows look highly appealing
  • Full-capture sill enhances protection from water and air infiltration

Sheffield® II Fusion-Welded Vinyl Window

  • Steel reinforcement in the meeting rails
  • Quad 4 weatherstripping for optimized thermal protection and energy savings
  • Compression bulb delivers added protection against inclement weather
  • Slopped sill for easy cleaning and prevention of water accumulation

National Vinyl LLC Vinyl and Wood Windows

National Vinyl LLC Vinyl and Wood Windows

National Vinyl LLC has over 30 years of experience and built its first vinyl window in 1984. The company subsequently went on to make its first interior storm panel in 1987. Their windows are made of the highest quality and are suitable for any kind of property. The company provides some of the country’s best windows at a fair price. Installing National Vinyl LLC’s windows in your building ensures that you’re getting the best products at a good price.


National Vinyl LLC Vinyl Window Features

  • Improved energy efficiency levels
  • Slim profile provides maximum glass area
  • Soft bevel on sash for that elegant and traditional look
  • Top and bottom sashes operate independently
  • Don’t require any painting, sanding, or refinishing
  • Made for heavy-duty performance
  • Comes in three series: Northwind III series, TrustGard and Sentinel

National Vinyl LLC Wood Window Features

  • A cohesive and natural look
  • Maintenance free cladding of aluminum on the exterior
  • Enhances building’s aesthetic

Crystal® Window & Door Systems, Ltd. Vinyl Windows

Crystal® Window & Door Systems, Ltd. Vinyl Windows

Crystal® Window & Door Systems, Ltd. is known for its industry proven quality windows and state-of-the-art manufacturing. The company offers vinyl replacement and new construction for all types of windows, be it hung or fixed.


Crystal® Window & Door Systems, Ltd. Vinyl Window Features

  • Insulating glass
  • Double-strength glass
  • Fusion welded frame and sashes
  • Triple glazed insulated glass unit

For more information on vinyl and wood windows and more, contact For-U-Builders at 203-349-6468. Our services are available to properties in Portland, Uncasville, Windsor and other service areas of Connecticut and New England.


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