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Oriel Windows in Connecticut & The New England Areas

Having new windows installed in your home requires that you choose the right window for the kind of look that you want. One of the top choices people have when they want a window that exudes an old-world charm and elegance is the oriel window. An oriel window is a bay-type window that juts out of a building’s wall but does so without reaching the ground.

Features and Functions of an Oriel Window

The charm of this window comes from how it seems to give your house stylish accents, in the form of functional windows that jut out of the house’s main structure. Here are few interesting facts about these windows:

  • These can come in many designs and are often used on the second floor of homes, but can also be seen on the ground floor of some residences too.
  • When used on the ground floor, these are generally called bay windows and are usually called oriel windows when found on the upper floors of homes.
  • These can help expand a home’s floor area without actually changing any of the building’s primary structures.
  • These are used to increase the amount of light coming into a building and usually has a seat board attached to it.

One of the challenges of choosing this unique and stylish window is in the design and installation. The styles you can choose from include 3, 4, and 5-lite designs, bow and bay type options, and many more.

This old-fashioned window type requires an expert window installation company to get things right since these need to sit just right for both durability and aesthetics. This is where For-U-Builders can help you since we are a company that specializes in window installation and door installation in the Connecticut & New England Areas. We also offer professional painting services, interior remodeling services, and gutter installation, among other services.

To find out more about oriel windows and other types of windows that will suit your home, feel free to contact us today. You can also call us at 203-349-6468 for more information.

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