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Window & Door Installation in Meriden, Connecticut

Meriden, CT has a rich and varied history. It is known for manufacturing silver and cutlery, lamps and metalwork, glass, kitchen appliances, guns, and musical instruments such as player pianos. Most homes in Meriden are valued between $100,000 and $500,000, and the majority were built in 1959 or earlier according to data from

If you live in Meriden, you’ve probably thought about contacting a home improvement contractor to get an updated look for your primary investment. Now is the perfect time to take action on that idea with For U Builders, the established leader in replacement doors, window upgrades and other home-improvement projects in Meriden. 

We have more than 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry, and our technicians are guaranteed to deliver high-quality work. You can count on us if you’re looking to modernize your living spaces. We’ll be with you every step of the way from the planning stage until the final coat of paint is applied. 

Home Remodeling Services & Roof Replacement by For U Builders in Meriden, CT

Whether you simply want to modernize the look and feel of your home or you want to save money on heating and cooling costs, you can rely on For U Builders to deliver the best possible services. Here’s a list of some of our services in Meriden:

  • Windows Installation and Replacement Services - We have several decades of experience in installing windows, and use only the best brands available in the market. We offer multiple colors, styles, and materials. They’re all easy to operate, with safety & security in mind.

  • Door Replacement Services - Entry doors are the first thing that your visitors will see when they enter your house. If your house was built in the 1950s or earlier and you haven’t replaced your doors, you might want to consider getting a new one. You not only improve the look of your home with a new door, but you’ll also upgrade its energy efficiency and security. 

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  • Roof Repair and Replacement Services - The roof performs an important job in a home, but one small leak and the entire house could be compromised. You have many options now when it comes to upgrading your roof, and you can be sure that we only provide high-quality, energy-efficient roofing materials. 

Contact For U Builders for Roof Repairs & Home Remodeling in Meriden

You can request a free, no-obligation quote today. We’ll present you with our suggestions and you can choose which upgrades will suit your needs and your budget. Simply call 203-349-6468 or visit our Contact Us page and fill out the short inquiry form. We’ll be happy to answer all your home improvement inquiries.