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Door, Window & Siding Installation in Middlebury, CT

There’s a huge demand for home improvement services all over the US. That is because more than 80% of homes in America are at least 20 years old, while roughly 40% are 50 years or older.

Those statistics explain why so many millennials buy their first homes do so with an intent to do major renovation and restoration work. The surge in demand for home improvement services is particularly strong in Middlebury, CT, where most houses date back multiple decades. To meet that need for replacement doors, new windows, updated siding and more, the preferred contractor in Middlebury and its surrounding communities is For-U-Builders

For-U-Builders sets itself apart by specializing in home improvement services that produce energy savings. By working only with certified and skilled technicians and using only energy-efficient products from the most reputable manufacturers, we provide our customers in Connecticut with energy-efficient building materials for their roofs, walls, sidings, windows, and entry doors. 

Gutter Installation & Roof Repair Services in Middlebury, Connecticut by For-U-Builders

For-U-Builder’s home improvement services are centered around energy savings. Thus, we only use energy-efficient building materials. We offer the following services in Middlebury, CT:

Gutter System Installation and Repair - Gutters are important because they direct water to your drain pipes and protect your walls and sidings from being soaked. However, they’re just a pain to clean. Our maintenance-free gutter system allows water through while filtering out dead leaves and branches and other debris. 

Roofing Repair and Replacement - Older roofing materials can soak up heat and distribute it around your home. This will cause your HVAC system to work hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. The newer roofing materials can deflect heat from the sunlight and thus save you on energy costs.

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Door Replacement Services - Surely you’d want to make a good first impression to visitors. The first thing they’ll see before entering your home is your entry door. We offer a wide range of door designs you can choose from and you’ll surely find one that will match your aesthetic tastes. All our doors are highly insulated so they don’t let warmed or cooled air out easily. 

Window Installation Services - If you haven’t replaced your windows for more than a decade, now is the best time to do so. You see, the newest window models are amazing. They offer better security and easier operation. In other words, they are easy to open and close from the inside yet very difficult to break into. Modern windows also offer better insulation and some models can even filter harmful UV rays and heat while only allowing visible light to pass through. 

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Trust only For-U-Builders for your home renovation project in Middlebury, CT. You can reach us by visiting our Contact Us page. If you would like to speak to a representative, please call 203-349-6468.