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Casement Windows in all over Connecticut & The New England Areas

Casement Windows in Connecticut & The New England Areas

Casement windows are easy to operate and provide excellent ventilation in any property. Unlike other window styles, casement windows are hinged at the side and cranked outward so it opens all the way. Casement windows are known to be the second most energy efficient window type, after single-pane windows because of the sash pressing against the frame on closing – creating an air tight seal.

If you’re looking for the best casement window deals in Connecticut, contact For-U-Builders today. We carry an array of popular casement windows from certified and leading window manufacturers. You’re sure to find the perfect casement window that fits your current budget and matches your property’s style.

Casement Window Brands We Carry

Thermal Windows & Doors Casement Windows

Thermal Windows & Doors offers extensive vinyl replacement windows that are designed with high ENERGY STAR® ratings. Their windows not only keep a property’s indoor environment comfortable, but they lower a household’s energy consumption as well. Thermal Windows & Doors use high-quality vinyl materials, which make their products durable and maintenance free. As for their casement windows, they are equipped with fusion-welded frame and sashes as well as other features like:

  • Vinyl that doesn’t chip, peel or rot
  • Beveled exterior
  • Multi-point locking system for extra security
  • Nested folding handle
  • Standard flushmount fiberglass half screen

Pella® Casement Windows

Pella® has been providing homeowners with beautiful, innovative and efficient windows since 1925. Pella® has a proud history of environmental stewardship, which was recognized in 2016 as the company was given the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award. Pella’s casement windows come in beautiful shapes and designs, and are sure to fit your budget. Pella® offers 6 types of casement window types:

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Architect Series® Casement Window

  • You have two options: traditional and contemporary
  • Traditional casement windows have 7 naturally beautiful wood interiors and exudes Pella’s most authentic windowpane look.
  • Contemporary casement windows feature minimal and modern finishes, and the interior is pre-finished in your choice of stain color
  • Both casement windows have high energy efficiency ratings

Designer Series® 750 Casement Window

  • Exclusive between-the-glass, blinds, shades and grills
  • Features an exclusive snap-in window fashion technology
  • The triple-pane glass gives the window 53%-74% more energy efficiency
  • Available with Pella® Insycntive® technology

Pella® 450 Series Casement Window

  • The company’s most popular casement window style, size, features and options
  • Comes with Pella® wood craftsmanship at a competitive price
  • Provides exceptional energy efficiency
  • Has 4 distinctive grill types for the look of individual windowpanes

Pella® Impervia® Casement Window

  • Built with Duracast®: the strongest, most durable material in windows
  • Excellent durability and performance
  • Provides exceptional energy efficiency
  • Has the quality look of painted wood windows

Pella® 350 Series Casement Window

  • Comes with the exclusive SmoothSeam™ welded corners for increased air-tightness
  • Exudes a robust, detailed frame profile
  • Offers 54%-83% more energy efficiency with triple-pane glass
  • Stronger and more durable than most vinyl windows

Encompass by Pella® Casement Window

  • Boasts Pella’s high-quality craftsmanship
  • No more painting required because of their low-maintenance vinyl frames
  • Fits any budget
  • Offers exceptional energy efficiency
  • This specific casement window also features historic requirements

Super Glass 9000 Casement Windows

Super Glass 9000 is known for their durable, energy efficient and custom-made windows. The high performance of their windows is due to their manufacturing techniques like the four point welding technology, suspended film technology and computer controlled glass assembly. These features can also be seen in the company’s casement windows. Super Glass 9000’s casement windows also feature:

  • Consider the ideal choice for maximum daylight opening and ventilation
  • Feature an easy operating cranking mechanisms
  • Has a multi-point locking mechanism for maximum security
  • Has improved UV protection

Atrium® Windows and Doors

Atrium® Windows and Doors has been manufacturing high-quality hardware since 1946. Their products aim to satisfy the needs and expectations of their clients, making some of the strongest and most energy efficient windows in the nation. Atrium’s casement windows hold a simple yet functional design. They are also built with heavy-duty materials, and come in two types:

Series 750 Casement

  • Low-profile handle folds give the window a popular aesthetic appeal
  • Opens at a 90 degree angle
  • Permits expanded viewing area
  • Extruded full screen
  • Tandem locks standard over 34” in height

Series 700 Casement

  • Features a low-E glass with argon glass for maximum thermal efficiency
  • Beveled exterior frame
  • Opens at a 90 degree angle
  • Extruded full screen
  • Tandem locks are also standard over 34” in height

Harvey Building Products Casement Windows

For over 50 years, Harvey Building Products has been creating windows and doors with the American household in mind. Because of this, all of their products can withstand harsh weathers like extremely cold winters and hot summers. Harvey’s casement windows come in two types. They are known for their energy efficiency and durability, as well as their simple designs. The two kinds of casement windows Harvey Building Products offers are:

Vinyl Casement Window

  • Easy to operate
  • Includes a fiberglass screen with optional upgrades
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified with optional ENERGY STAR® or high performance glazing upgrade
  • Comes with a single latch, multi-point locking system. This feature secures the window in multiple locations

Majesty Casement Wood Window

  • Passes the ENERGY STAR® standard
  • Has a solid pine interior and aluminum clad exterior
  • Harvey’s high quality pre-finished option eliminates the need to paint. It also provides an ideal base to add custom paint color post-installation

Alside® Casement Windows

Alside® is a recognized leader in the home improvement industry and is a charter member of various home builders associations and remodeling industries. Since its founding in 1947, Alside® has been manufacturing excellent vinyl siding and accessories, vinyl windows, patio doors, fencing and railing products. Many residential and commercial remodeling, as well as new construction, markets have benefited from Alside’s products.

Alside’s casement windows are known for their durability, modern designs and energy efficiency advantages. They also feature the following benefits and options as well:

  • Exudes the appearance of a larger glass area and an attractive slimline look, due to the beveled exterior sash design
  • Heavy-duty, state-of-the-art hinge system for easy operation
  • Multiple lite configurations are available in a single mainframe
  • ClimaTech® insulated glass packages are optional

Crystal® Window & Door Systems, Ltd. Casement Windows

Crystal® Window & Door Systems, Ltd. has grown to become one of the top window manufacturers in the country. The company has built successful relationships with their customers by partnering with professional architects, developers and designers. Crystal’s windows feature high quality management solutions, and exceeded the expectations of ENERGY STAR COMMUNITIES™.

The casement windows created by Crystal® Windows & Door Systems, Ltd. are built for light and heavy commercial properties. They also come in two types:

Series 8000 Heavy Commercial / Architectural Aluminum Thermal-Break Casement Windows

  • Feature a two lock/keeper assemblies per sash
  • Heavy-duty construction for utmost strength and durability
  • Insulated glass
  • Double weatherstripping
  • Full screen access doors for project-in/out handles

Series 235 Vinyl Fully Welded Casement Windows

  • Soft coat low-E & argon filled IGU
  • Strong multi-chamber construction
  • Hinges are made from stainless steel
  • Roto type operator
  • Insulating glass
  • Fusion welded frame & sashes
  • Continuous polyethylene rigid seal

If you want to install any of the windows mentioned above on your property, contact For-U-Builders at 203-349-6468. We service in the areas of Glastonbury, South Glastonbury, Portland and other surroundings of Connecticut and New England.