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Double Hung Windows in all over Connecticut & The New England Areas

Double Hung Windows for Properties in Connecticut & New England Areas

While double-hung windows may have that traditional “homelike” style that not everyone likes, they also have certain advantages that standard windows don’t offer. For one thing, they are easier to maintain than other window types. Double-hung windows are also created to be viable openings that fit the dimensions needed for air conditioners and screens. This gives it a versatile style that is compatible with any property.

If you’re looking to add a double-hung window in your building, then contact For U Builders. Our company provides various types of double-hung windows from different brands, providing you with nothing but excellent window craftsmanship.

Double Hung Window Brands We Carry

To help you look for the perfect double-hung window, For-U-Builders has teamed up with the following brands to give you a window that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Thermal Windows & Doors Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Window

For more than 50 years, Thermal Windows & Doors has been creating high-quality windows and doors with exceptional ENERGY STAR® ratings and upgrades. Because of this, their double-hung windows are capable of reducing your energy consumption significantly. Aside from energy-efficient windows, Thermal’s double-hung windows have elegant styles and excellent durability with their solid vinyl construction. Thermal Windows & Doors also offers four types of double-hung windows:

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9000 Series

  • Dual tech lock
  • Night latch
  • Locking half screen

7000 Series

  • Cam action lock
  • Night latch
  • Foam inserts
  • Tilt latch

5000 Series

  • Recessed lock
  • Night latch
  • Tilt latch

3000 Series

  • Tilt latch
  • Surface mount lock
  • Dual night latches


Pella® Double Hung Windows

Pella® has been a trusted window and door manufacturer since 1925. With over 90 years of experience, the company has proven that it can create beautiful, long-lasting pieces that stand the test of time. The double-hung windows in Pella are categorized into one of 7 types:

  • Architect series® traditional (exquisitely crafted wood windows)
  • Designer series® 750 (exclusive snap-in window fashion)
  • Pella® 450 series (competitive prices but beautiful wood finishes)
  • Pella® Impervia® (incredibly strong fiberglass)
  • Pella® 350 series (superior vinyl window performance)
  • Pella® 250 series (exceptional vinyl performance and style)
  • Encompass by Pella (easy to maintain vinyl and competitively priced)

Each type of window comes with its own advantages, but all of Pella’s windows have exceptional energy efficiency and quality Pella® craftsmanship – adding architectural interest in your building.


Super Glass 9000 Double Hung Windows

Super Glass 9000's windows have surpassed many expectations because of their craftsmanship and durability. Super Glass 9000's double-hung windows also feature energy insulation and offer three types of windows that are ideal for classically styled homes:

For U Builders Better Built Window - Double Hung Window

  • Improves the energy efficiency of your property
  • Increased comfort with less draft in winter and reduced heat in summer
  • Reduced condensation
  • Provides UV protection to reduce fading
  • Prevents air and water infiltration
  • Foam-filled frame

Super Glass 4500 - Double Hung Window

  • Improves the energy efficiency of your property
  • Increased comfort with less draft in winter and reduced heat in summer
  • Provides UV protection to reduce fading
  • Built for optimal water runoff due to its six-degree welded sloped sill
  • Comes with a heavy-duty bug screen frame with fiberglass mesh
  • Features Super Glass 9000 with suspended film technology to boost thermal performance

Super Glass 9000 Weather Eliminator - Double Hung Window

  • Improves the energy efficiency of your property
  • Built for optimal water runoff due to its six-degree welded sloped sill
  • Vinyl surfaces are easy to clean and are maintenance-free
  • Prevents water and air infiltration due to the dual weather stripping and reinforced interlock
  • Has a heavy-duty, extruded screen frame with a fiberglass screen mesh that deters holes and tears


Atrium® Windows and Doors Double Hung Windows

As one of the largest manufacturers of premium vinyl and aluminum windows and doors in North America, Atrium® Windows and Doors provides high-quality and durable products. Their hardware may exhibit a simplistic appearance, but they are capable of increasing the comfort and security of any property.

Atrium® Windows and Doors has manufactured 4 kinds of double-hung windows. Each type has its own set of benefits, but they are generally created to provide properties with maximized energy efficiency. 

Series 8900 Double Hung

  • Sash is enriched with exclusive InsulKor™ polyurethane fiberglass
  • Has an industry-leading .08 cfm/ft air infiltration rating
  • DP 60 rating
  • Has a low-E glass with insulating argon gas for outstanding thermal efficiency

Series 8700 Double Hung

  • Extruded half screen
  • Positive action deluxe cam locks
  • Push-button night latches
  • DP 35 rating
  • 25-year glass breakage warranty
  • Low-E glass with insulating argon gas glass gives the window excellent thermal performance

Series 8300 Double Hung

  • Dual push-button night latches
  • Positive action deluxe locks give the window increased security
  • DP 35 rating
  • Outstanding thermal efficiency due to its low-E glass with insulating argon gas

Series 450 Double Hung

  • Sashes are tilted for easy cleaning
  • DP 35 rating
  • Half screen style
  • Pre-punched nail fin makes installation easy
  • Features an integrated J-channel


Harvey Building Products Double Hung Windows

Harvey Building Products has helped architects, contractors and property owners with its American-made windows for more than 50 years. The company’s windows are made to withstand the toughest weather, be it the cold northern winters or the scorching summers. Harvey’s windows play an integral role in many properties, keeping them comfortable and secure.

Harvey’s double-hung windows come in 7 types, and each one has its own list of advantages

Tribute Vinyl Double Hung Window

  • Features standard ENERGY STAR® glazing
  • A high-performance package with triple glazing is optional (available for a U-factor of 0.17)
  • Emulates the traditional lines of a well-crafted wood window with its sleek and sophisticated design

Majesty Double Hung Wood Window

  • Fiberglass screen included. Upgrade options are also available
  • Has the standard ENERGY STAR® glazing
  • Made with solid pine interior and aluminum clad exterior

Classic Vinyl Double Hung Window

  • Fiberglass screen is included with optional upgrades available
  • The optional ENERGY STAR® glazing surpasses ENERGY STAR® qualifications ( a U-factor of 0.25)
  • Comes in various colors and options like almond or bronze vinyl

Slimline Vinyl Double Hung Window

  • Has an optional ENERGY STAR® glazing that surpasses ENERGY STAR® qualifications (U-factor of 0.27)
  • Features low profile sweep locks
  • Calibrated block & tackle sash balances. Adjustments or lubrication no longer needed

Vigilance Vinyl Double Hung Window

  • Designed to meet coastal requirements
  • Features a laminated and double-strength glazing system that provides exceptional protection from wind, rain and wind-borne debris
  • Impact rated with a minimum performance of DP55 (120mph)

Acoustic Vinyl Double Hung Window

  • Tested to meet all sound abatement program performance requirements
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified with optional ENERGY STAR® upgrade
  • Fiberglass screen included. Upgrade options are also available

Tru-Channel Storm Window

  • Has twice the weatherstripping than ordinary storm windows. Provides additional protection against damage to single-pane windows
  • Features a triple-track “combination design for self-storage of sash and screen and sash tilt-in capability
  • Sash interlock with a sturdy frame tie bar for maximum wind resistance

Tribute Commercial Window

  • Comes with standard ENERGY STAR® glazing
  • Has a C40 rating
  • Reinforced welded sash with optimized insulated glass
  • Perfect for oversized openings
  • Lifetime of worry-free performance guarantee


Alside® Double Hung Windows

Alside® is a leading manufacturer of vinyl siding and accessories, vinyl windows and doors and fencing and railing products since 1947. Their windows are made to perfectly fit the ventilation and aesthetic demands of both residential and commercial properties. Their double-hung windows make great vinyl window replacements and are considered ideal options for new construction. They also have the following features:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Luxurious and natural color choices
  • Different decorative options (e.g. ultra trim, cut glass, and beveled-leaded glass)


Crystal® Window & Door Systems, Ltd. Double Hung Windows

Crystal® Window & Door Systems, Ltd. offers a wide range of double-hung windows that exhibit state-of-the-art manufacturing and industry-proven quality. Crystal’s aluminum-made double-hung windows are made-to-order and can fit both new construction and renovation projects. The double-hung windows in Crystal® Window & Door Systems, Ltd. feature the following qualities:

  • Double-hung tilt design
  • Purposefully made for heavy industrial or manufacturing/commercial properties
  • Enhanced insulation and sound reduction
  • Tilted sashes for safe and easy cleaning
  • An anti-drift head clip lock

If you want For-U-Builders to install a new window in your Connecticut & The New England Area property, contact us at 203-349-6468 and we’ll be ready to help. Our service area includes Old Lyme, East Lyme, Uncasville and near regions throughout Connecticut and Greater New England Areas.