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Roofing Replacement Services in New England Area

When a leaked roof stays untreated for too long, it reaches a point where repairing is no longer an option. In these worst cases, you will need to replace the damaged part entirely. If it reaches that extent, the best option left for you is to call for professional assistance to take care of the situation.

For U Builders has been extensively working on leaked and damaged roofs for nearly 30 years in the New England Area. No matter how worse your roof damage is, you can be assured that our experts have the right solution for you. Just call us at 203-349-6468 or contact us online to learn more about our services!

5 Signs That Indicate Your Roofs Need Replacing

  • Your Attic Is Going Through Water Damage: Attics are often overlooked when checking for water damage. If you find the attic has already been damaged too much by the damps, it is time to change that part of the roof entirely.
  • Expired Lifespan: If the roofing material is not durable enough, it may just exceed its lifespan and require an immediate replacement. If you haven't checked its lifespan yet, confirm to see if you need a replacement.
  • Roof Sags: When excessive moisture overburdens the boards under the roof and rots it completely, sagging starts. Call for instant action if it is the case to save your home from additional water damage.
  • Mold, Moss or Fungi: These are also signs of extensive amounts of moisture. Keep an eye out to see if the situation is too bad and needs instant action.
  • Curling or Buckling Shingles: If shingles become curled or buckled, it shows that they have lost the fitting and already started taking damage. Sometimes this can be helped by shingles replacement but sometimes the whole roof needs to be replaced.

For U Builders Are The Experts That Your Roof Needs

Our experienced technicians always focus on finding the origin of the problem first and provide treatment immediately. If your roof has gone through too much damage already, they will immediately check how much has to be replaced and start taking immediate action.

In any kind of roof replacement emergency, rely on For U Builders for maximum outcome. Our services are available in areas like Beacon Falls, Collinsville & Lakeside in the New England Area. Just call us at 203-349-6468 or contact us online for a detailed consultation!

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New roof done on my house 2 weeks ago. Beautiful job. Workers were hard working, professional, and when job was completed they left everything immaculately clean. Would highly recommend. Thank you Eric, Jeff,Jess, John and Brandon.

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