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Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

Are Gutter Guards Worth It?Cleaning your gutters and keeping them free of debris can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Yet this is something you must do on a recurring basis throughout the year. Neglecting to clean your gutters regularly will result in clogs and overflowing water when rains occur.

If you are one who dreads the task of gutter cleaning, there is a solution called a gutter guard. When installed properly, a set of guards will keep your gutters free of debris and prevent water from pooling near your foundation.

Gutter Guards and The Different Types You Can Choose

Gutter guards are essentially covers that let water through but prevent debris from clogging your gutters.  They guard your gutters against sticks, leaves, and other debris to reduce the number of times you will need to clean out your gutters each year. The kind of gutter guards you install will determine just how effective these are at keeping debris from clogging your gutters and downspouts. Your primary options include:

  • Brush Type – These guards come in the form of brushes with bristles that prevent debris from entering your gutters. The bristles allow for water and small debris to pass through while larger obstructions are kept from entering your gutters.
  • Mesh Type – One of the most popular gutter guards, these are sometimes called screen gutter guards because of their design. The mesh allows water and fine particles to go through but prevents leaves and larger debris from entering your gutters.
  • Micro-Mesh Type – This option is similar to the mesh type but comes with a finer and tighter mesh, which means even small debris like sand and pebbles from your shingles cannot get through.
  • Sponge Type – This guard allows only water to pass through and all types of solid materials are prevented from entering your gutter.

Whatever your reasons for adding them, installing gutter guards is a good thing. It saves time and effort by preventing the need to clean your gutters more frequently. You need to remember that even with gutter guards, you will still have to clean your gutters at least once a year.

To find out which gutter guard option is best for your home in Connecticut & surrounding New England areas, the company to trust is For U Builders. Aside from roofing installation and other home renovation needs, we also have gutter guard installation as part of our home improvement offerings. Simply contact us at203-349-6468 and our friendly customer service personnel will be happy to answer your questions and to assist you with your gutter guard needs.